2018/2019 Student Technology Responsibility and Liability Agreement

Purpose of the Agreement 

The purpose of this agreement is to specify the responsibilities of students receiving university-owned equipment and to provide students with important information about policies that govern the use of technology owned and managed by The Ohio State University.

Sole Use of the Equipment 

  • I have been assigned university-owned equipment and software for my sole use and benefit as a learning tool while actively enrolled as a student at Ohio State. I am assuming responsibility for the item(s) as long as they are issued to me.

  • The use of these items is a privilege that can be revoked. Inappropriate use or neglect can result in limits to or loss of use of university resources. I will take every precaution to protect the equipment.

  • I will not attempt to sell, give away, or otherwise attempt to transfer ownership of the device or related accessories (including chargers, cables, and software) in any way. I am responsible for any third-party usage of the equipment.

  • Upon successful completion of my undergraduate program, Ohio State will transfer ownership of the device and its accessories to me. Apps owned by the university will be automatically removed and retained by the university.

Returning the Equipment

  • I must immediately return/check-in this equipment and all related accessories (including chargers, cables, and software) at the request of the university, including representatives of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE).

  • If I withdraw or transfer from the university, I will receive notifications from Ohio State to return the equipment and all related accessories within 30 days, or I may purchase the equipment at its depreciated value (as determined by the Digital Flagship Equipment Value Chart). Failure to return or purchase the equipment may result in it being remotely reset to the original configuration or disabled and rendered nonfunctional with a charge for its replacement applied to my university accounts through the Bursar’s Office. Past-due accounts with the Bursar’s Office may incur finance charges and trigger collection efforts. For all returns contact the OCIO Service Desk (614-688-4357).

In the Event of Loss, Theft or Damage

  • If the iPad is damaged, I will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment, unless a financial hardship waiver is claimed. The device includes three years of AppleCare+ coverage for both manufacturer defects and accidental damage. The cost for repair or replacement in the event of accidental damage under this agreement is $49, limited to two repairs over three years.

  • AppleCare repairs can be made at any Apple Store, TechHub, or by contacting AppleCare (getsupport.apple.com or 800-800-2775 option 3).

  • If the iPad is lost or stolen, I may be issued a “loaner” device for my use while enrolled as a student at Ohio State. This “loaner” device must be returned to the university at the conclusion of my studies at Ohio State. If the “loaner” device is lost or stolen, I will be responsible for its full replacement cost.

  • In the event that I report the iPad lost or stolen or the university has sufficient cause to believe the device is no longer in my possession, the device may be rendered nonfunctional and the built-in tracking mechanism (“Lost Mode”) may be enabled by the university to allow for recovery of the device.

  • In the event of loss or theft, I will immediately file a report with the Department of Public Safety (614-292-2121) and contact the OCIO Service Desk (614-688-4357).

Appropriate Use 

  • The iPad, accessories, and software covered in this agreement are issued for educational use in my courses and for course-related work, and for managing other student life and university-related activities (e.g. registering for classes, participating in Ohio State clubs, managing my accounts etc.). Appropriate personal use of the technology is permitted.

  • I am solely responsible for the conduct with which the iPad, its software, and other University resources accessed by the iPad are used.

  • The iPad is enrolled in Ohio State’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service in order to provide a reliable experience with the device and to enhance security in compliance with University policies. The intent of MDM is to:

    • Allow Ohio State to push university-purchased/approved apps and digital assets (such as eBooks) to the iPad, make apps and digital assets available via “Self-Service,” and list the apps installed on enrolled devices

    • Require a 6-character passcode, enable device encryption, and set the screen to lock after a period of inactivity

    • Prevent bypass or removal of the MDM, including user-initiated factory reset of the iPad or non-University management profiles

    • Distribute software updates and related notifications to protect against vulnerabilities

  • I can view details of the MDM profile at “Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management” on my device at any time, and understand that other settings not listed above are Apple/iOS system defaults displayed for information only. I will be informed if any aspects of the MDM are changed.

  • Any attempt to bypass or remove MDM or other functionality established by the university (including, but not limited to, “rooting” or “jailbreaking” the device) will result in the iPad being remotely reset to its original configuration or disabled and rendered nonfunctional, with potential loss of data on the device.

  • Should ownership of the equipment be transferred from Ohio State to me (either as result of the successful completion of my undergraduate studies or if purchased from the university upon my withdrawal) the university will remove all management, including the MDM and any apps owned by Ohio State. It may be necessary for the device to be reset to its factory state when removed from MDM.

  • It is illegal to copy or distribute any software loaned through the ODEE/OCIO. I cannot copy, forward or otherwise distribute, in any manner, any of the university’s confidential information on the device.

  • Installing software in any manner other than through the App Store or Self-Service is not permitted. The only exception is for students tethering the iPad to a Mac running XCode for the purpose of app development.

  • Like any device connected to the university network, the network traffic to and from the iPad may be subject to routine monitoring, which is intended to protect against security threats, intrusion, and illegal activity.

  • It is my responsibility to ensure my data is safe and secure in the event that the iPad becomes corrupted, must be reset or replaced, or is lost. Ohio State provides iPad-compatible secure file storage for this purpose. The university is not responsible for backing up the data on the iPad.

  • Because the iPad is configured specifically for academic use, I will not use it for university business as an employee of Ohio State.

  • I agree to comply with all federal, Ohio and other applicable laws, university rules and policies and all applicable contracts and licenses. Examples of such laws include the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity and child pornography (including the sharing of photos/videos), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and HIPAA. I will not use the equipment or software for any illegal or unlawful purposes. (An eBook will be provided to you that documents applicable university policies and support processes.)