What is Digital Flagship?

Digital Flagship is a comprehensive, university-wide digital learning initiative to support educational innovation for students and economic development opportunities for the community.

This isn’t a device initiative, it is a student success initiative to blend learning technology throughout the university experience and increase student engagement and learning transformation — both inside and outside the classroom. 

Initiative Overview

Learn more about Digital Flagship, what it has accomplished and its upcoming goals.

Governance and Partners

Several important groups contribute to the strategic direction and planning of this initiative. 

  • Executive Sponsors guide strategy and direction
  • An Advisory Group comprised of faculty, staff and students provides programmatic feedback to Digital Flagship leadership.
  • Policy Workgroup is a policy focused sub-committee of the Advisory Group.

Digital Flagship provides regular updates to members of the university community including the Board of Trustees, Student Life, University Senate, Undergraduate Student Government, Curricular Deans, First Year Experience, Faculty partners and more. 

A man and a woman work on an iPad Pro with pencil.