Digital Flagship is committed to providing equitable experiences for all students, faculty and staff at Ohio State and accessibility is a big part of this commitment. The iPad provides a wealth of accessible features to support all users.

Currently, if you rely on a screen reader or switch control for access to the iPad, you will be unable to access the Self Service application. While the university works with Jamf to improve the accessibility of the Self Service application, you may access the applications using the following information.

Free Apps

Below are all apps that you have access to through the Self Service app. All of these apps can be downloaded directly from the app store, and links for each app are below.

Paid Apps

Explain Everything and Notability are the two paid apps provided by Ohio State for Digital Flagship students. Please contact the Accessibility Help Line at 614-292-5000 to request access to these apps and we will push them directly to your device within one business day.

To learn more about accessibility features of the iPad or if you need other assistance with accessibility and Digital Flagship please email