Demonstrating Knowledge In New Ways

Video Assignment Increases Technology Literacy and Engagement
Dr. Bradley Okdie
Associate Professor of Psychology
At a Glance: 
  • Students in Dr. Okdie's psychology course had the option to create a video in lieu of a final paper to demonstrate learning.
  • The video project encouraged students to learn new skills and improved digital literacy. 
  • Dr. Okdie hopes the project increases student confidence and career readiness.

Demonstrating knowledge is a hallmark of college courses, but Bradley Okdie saw his final assignment as a chance to do more, allowing students the chance to develop digital skills and increase their technology proficiency while sharing what they’ve learned.

Normally, students in Dr. Okdie’s Psychology 1100 course write a final paper to share an experiment they designed, illustrating the important parts of the experimentation process along the way. The new assignment gave students the option to use Explain Everything and the recording capabilities of their Digital Flagship iPads to create a video.

“I was motivated to include the use of technology in my teaching because I have a strong desire to improve students' digital literacy and to show students that learning can be fun,” said Okdie. “The time investment was minimal and involved no more investment than if I were to create a new assignment of the same type that did not involve technology.”

Students could choose to either write the traditional paper or create a video with Explain Everything, based on their personal preferences.

“Students who chose to use Explain Everything amazed me with what they produced,” said Okdie. “I was surprised at how easily I could see that students understood the concepts I was teaching them without having them demonstrate those concepts through writing.”

It is Dr. Okdie’s hope that assignments like these will not only help students cement in-class learning, but also provide them with the skills they’ll need in whatever career they decide to pursue. 

“Technology is not the only way to increase student learning, but it is one that has many side benefits for our students- from increasing confidence in their ability to work with technology to learning new skill sets that will aid them in their careers,” said Okdie. “We need to change the narrative so that students see technology as more than just a means to socially connect with others. It is important to me that students begin to see that the technology they have been provided enables them to do amazing things.”

Final words of advice from Dr. Okdie?

“Do not be afraid. Just do it. Incorporating technology in your teaching is scary. However, there is little to be afraid of when you are clear with your students that you do not know everything about the technology they are using but, you are there to help them solve their problems when they arise.”

Try It Yourself 

Check out the Digital Flagship Handbook for a guide to creating videos. From software to strategies and tutorials we've got tips to help you or your students create great videos. If you're interested in using Explain Everything you can find tutorials and information about how to receive it from Ohio State on our site. 

Visit the Teaching and Learning Resource Center to find helpful guides for digital tools provided by the university and workshops you can attend to learn more about leveraging technology in your course. ​

Your students can get help using video creation programs by scheduling a tech tutoring appointment