Student-Centered Approaches to Teaching and Technology

 A common technology toolkit for students will enable instructors to enhance learning through active assessments and project-based learning.  All who teach at the university will not only have opportunities for professional development in digital pedagogy, but also for community building with other instructors interested in educational strategies that leverage digital tools. 

What is Digital Flagship Educators?

Digital Flagship Educators is the instructor-facing component of Digital Flagship’s broader initiative, striving to establish a connected and supported community of practice among those who teach at Ohio State. Within the program, there will be event-based opportunities for instructors to adopt new technology and teaching strategies through focusing on meaningful technology literacy development. This will also include course design centered around active learning strategies and assessment models. 

Educator Program Pillars


Digital Flagship Educators cohorts are offered annually and provide devices, professional learning, and expert support for instructors interested in more robust integrations of technology into the courses. Our cohort model is designed to offer both support and freedom for instructors. We begin with coaching groups through device literacy and student experience, then offer more hands-on work sessions to implement ideas into coursework.

Course Design

The opportunity for innovative projects and streamlined classroom solutions are available with the introduction of a common technology. As instructors work through these possibilities, we provide support and connect them with others in their field for expertise beyond our own.

Grant Opportunities

We know making changes can incur costs that don’t neatly fall into budget categories. Grants for instructors are often geared toward major outcomes or research projects may not cover what is needed to enhance course materials or bump the student experience into a higher level of engagement. Our grants to support teaching needs are for amounts between $500 and $3,000 and the application process is short and simple. Grant opportunities are available to any instructor who completes an Educators' Cohort. 

Community Events

We will offer community events to support the sharing of ideas, challenges and instructional models. We will work to foster a transparent conversation that supports the creative educators and innovators at Ohio State as well as the many organizations that support them. 

Awards & Recognition 

We want to ensure you are acknowledged for your work: the risks taken, testing conducted, outcomes measured, approaches revised, and students engaged over the course of the term. Our awards and recognition program is a means of noting across academic areas that instructors have prioritized their teaching and proven themselves as exemplary members of our community.

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Centralized Course Core: Students First & the Teaching Expectation

Digital Flagship prioritizes consistent student learning experiences throughout courses and strategic development of workforce readiness in our students. Our evaluation of student experiences, as well as the LMS data use, has revealed three simple items that must be present in Carmen to set students down the path to success:

  1. All assignments and required activities have active due dates
  2. All student grades are posted to the grade book
  3. The course syllabus is posted in a clear, user-friendly location.

These three items will serve as the baseline for Digital Flagship Educators activity participation.

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This recurring component of the larger Digital Flagship Educators program is an opportunity for instructors and graduate students teaching general education courses to enrich their lessons with technology.

2018 Cohort Details

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