Reimagining Your iPad-Integrated Course

As the Digital Flagship program is evolving from its current form, and the university is transitioning beyond a universal iPad program for undergraduate students, the resources here can help educators reimagine aspects of their courses that relied heavily on iPad.

Continued Student Access to Software

Students will continue to have access to the Ohio State toolset across all devices, including Microsoft 365 and Adobe apps. Students now have access to additional tools for creativity via the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, all of which can be leveraged in the classroom. By the fall, students will also begin to have access to a Virtual Desktop, allowing them to access high computing power from any device.

Students will no longer receive free access to Notability but do have access to the OneNote note-taking app as part of the Microsoft 365 suite. For creative projects, students will have access to the full range of Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

More Information

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