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How will faculty and staff benefit from this initiative?

Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to incorporate more interactive learning opportunities and collaborative tools in teaching, research and other programs with the assurance that all students will have a common toolset to participate.

Digital Flagship Educators is the instructor-facing component of Digital Flagship’s broader initiative, striving to establish a connected and supported community of practice among those who teach at Ohio State.

In addition, the entire Ohio State community will have access to Swift coding courses, workshops and resources. The Mobile Design Lab is available for all to explore ideas that may further enhance teaching and learning.

The Digital Flagship initiative will be coordinated through the Office of Distance Education and eLearning, in partnership with the University Institute for Teaching and Learning and the Corporate Engagement Office. Together they will provide a comprehensive eLearning toolset, mobile-ready classrooms, pedagogical support for teaching and learning with technology, and assistance with economic development opportunities.

What should I do if I find an iPad?

If you find an iPad, please contact the IT Service Desk (614-688-4357) to determine if it is a Digital Flagship device and receive return instructions.

What are the overall teaching goals of Digital Flagship?

The broad goal of Digital Flagship is to support students in developing digital literacy and workforce readiness to help them succeed at Ohio State and beyond. Thus, we want to lead instructors in creating engaging, active, adaptive courses that prioritize student-centered approaches and digital pedagogy.

Will instructors be receiving iPads?

Currently, only incoming first-year undergraduate students will be receiving the technology suite. 

While devices are an exciting part of this initiative, we encourage instructors to think about the basic steps they can take to make courses more digitally accessible to all students. Three basic actions we suggest in Carmen are: utilizing the grade book feature, uploading a syllabus to the 'syllabus' section and adding all assignment due dates.


Will I be required to change my course to accommodate iPads?

No. While the addition of devices provides a powerful new tool to be employed in the classroom, this will be entirely at the discretion of the instructor.

Because the technology is a tool the instructor may choose to use at their discretion, course curriculum does not need to be redesigned to center around the iPads. Rather, as the course design is acclimated to each semester’s schedule, logistics, and emerging needs, technology can be incorporated when opportunities are presented for improved learning experiences and skill development. Instructors are likely to find that they cultivate their own best practices for their curriculum and subject area as they continue to teach and refine their courses.

More information can be found in this guide.