Am I eligible for an iPad?

Choose which option best describes your Ohio State status:

  • Current student: You may be eligible for a technology kit if you started at Ohio State during or after fall 2018 and have no prior higher education experience at any other college or university. (Classes taken during high school for college credit are not counted as prior experience.) 
  • Incoming first-year student: If you are graduating high school this year, you are eligible for a technology kit. 
  • Incoming transfer student: You are eligible if you began college at your original university in fall of 2018 or later. When you transfer to Ohio State we use this original college start date to determine if you are part of an eligible class of students.
  • Incoming gap year or delayed start student: If you graduated high school prior to 2018 but are beginning your college experience for the first time, you're eligible for a technology kit. 
  • Military Affiliated Student: New undergraduate students starting higher education for the first time at Ohio State in Fall 2018 or later who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces to include active duty, reserve, and national guard service are eligible for a technology kit.

Faculty, staff and graduate students are not eligible for Digital Flagship technology. Technology requests can be made through your department or college. 

Unsure? Submit a ticket and select Eligibility Status from the Request Type dropdown menu. The IT Service Desk team will look into your records and respond in five to ten business days with your status.

If you aren’t eligible for a technology kit, don't worry, there are be plenty of opportunities for you through Digital Flagship. The Mobile Design Lab travels to all Ohio State campuses and provides a variety of programming and tech. Free, self-paced coding curriculum is available to all at Ohio State. Fill out an application to join one of the course sections launching this year.