What training will be available for students to learn about their iPad and apps?

Students will get basic guidance on their iPads when they receive them. After they receive their devices there will be a host of ways for students to learn more about their device and really get the most out of the technology. 

  • Workshops: During orientations at Newark and Columbus campuses, workshops will be offered to help students maximize their use of iPad and devices. At other regional campuses, this will occur during their survey courses.
  • Peer Assistance: Our team of Student Mentors will be available to help students at Digital Flagship programming and during drop-in hours.
  • Tutorials: Short video tutorials and “challenges” will be highlighted in the Discover app for students to learn tips and tricks for using their iPads and apps.
  • Handbook: The Digital Flagship Handbook will be provided to students on their iPads. It will cover important information related to their iPads, apps, OSU tech tools, privacy, security and some basic digital literacy tips.
  • Student Staff Training: RAs, Peer Leaders, and Dennis Learning Center Academic Coaches (among others) will learn how to best guide and direct students in using their iPads or getting help with something goes wrong.
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