iPad Return and Purchase

If you've received a Digital Flagship technology kit during your time at Ohio State, but are now leaving the university prior to graduation you will need to either return or purchase (at a depreciated value) your items. Any questions not answered by the information below can be directed to digitalflagship@osu.edu.


If you would like to return your technology kit, you will not be charged the depreciated value of your device. If you do not return all items listed below you may be charged a replacement fee. Fee amounts are listed next to each item.

  • iPad 
  • Protective case ($20)
  • Smart Keyboard ($155)
  • Apple Pencil ($89)
  • Power Block ($20)
  • Lightning Cord ($20)

Fees may be charged to cover the cost of AppleCare repairs for damaged iPads ($49) and damaged or non-functioning Apple Pencils and Smart Keyboards ($29 each). Damaged or incompatible power blocks and cords will also result in a replacement fee.

Before returning your kit please complete the steps on our return guide to remove personal information and adjust settings.

iPad Return Guide


Once you have updated all the settings, you can return your device. We will inventory your items and make sure your user information has been removed from the device. 

Because return locations are closed in response to COVID-19, returns will temporarily be accepted by mail only to protect the health and safety of our campus community. You may use any shipping carrier and packaging to return your technology kit. Digital Flagship is not responsible for shipping costs.  

Mail your device and all accessories to:

Digital Flagship Return

2650 Kenny Road

Columbus, OH 43210

After you have shipped your return, make sure to email digitalflagship@osu.edu with the tracking number of your package and which shipping carrier (ex: USPS, FedEx) you used.

Purchase at Depreciated Value

If you leave Ohio State before completing a degree, you can purchase your kit at the depreciated value to retain ownership. 

After purchase, we will remove the mobile device management system and you will be free to use your iPad as you would any other personal technology. Once purchased and removed from university management, your device cannot be reenrolled and you will no longer be eligible for an iPad if you return to Ohio State. You will lose access to Explain Everything, so we suggest you save all projects currently in the app. You will not lose access to Notability.

It can take up to 30 days after payment for management to be removed from your device. Management also cannot be removed until your account balance is $0, so there may be delays if you have other outstanding charges on your account.

Please note that if you attempt to reset your device before it is removed from management, you may end up locked out of your device until the removal process is complete. 

To initiate the process please complete the unenrollment device purchase form before you leave the university. Select 'Unenrollment Device Purchase' as the request type on the form. When you submit the form, we will notify the bursar and have the displayed price added to your student account.

How do I pay for my device?

If you are a current student, you can view your Statement of Account and make payments under Payments and Refunds in Buckeye Link

If you are no longer attending Ohio State and cannot access Buckeye Link, follow the instructions on the website of the Office of the University Bursar for prior students and non-students. 

For other questions about payment, contact the Bursar at 614-292-1056 or bursar@osu.edu.

How do I know what my device is worth? 

The month you get your kit, the technology begins depreciating in value. The amount you will be required to pay is calculated based on when you withdraw from the university. Once this value is calculated it will not decrease unless it is paid or the device is returned.

When you fill out the unenrollment device purchase form, the amount due for your device will populate. Do not submit the form if you do not want to purchase your device. 

If you have already left the university and have not returned your technology kit, the charge will automatically be added to your statement of account 31 days after your unenrollment. You can view what this charge will be on the depreciated value chart.