Tech Help and Repairs

If you're experiencing an issue with your device, check the help topics below to make sure you go to the right place to get support. 

Troubleshooting, Repairs and Replacements

If an item in your kit is not working properly, check our troubleshooting tips to see if there's a simple solution you can do right now. For iPad Air 4 kits, if the Apple Pencil has trouble connecting or charging, press the Pencil down firmly in the case slot until you see a notification that it is charging.

Your iPad includes three years of AppleCare+ coverage for both manufacturer defects and accidental damage. The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard are also covered under AppleCare. 

AppleCare+ covers two catastrophic breaks over the course of three years. Repairs or replacements due to accidental damage are subject to a service fee of $49 for an iPad and $29 for a pencil or keyboard.

At the Columbus campus, you can process an AppleCare+ claim at Tech Hub.

You can also process repairs and replacements through Apple, either in an Apple Store location or by mail. If you need a repair or replacement for a defective item, call 1-800-800-2775​ and state that you have a university-issued device with AppleCare+. You'll need to provide the serial number of your iPad, even if you are calling about the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard. 

A full explanation of damage policy is available in our Student Technology Agreement.

If you lose your pencil or keyboard you are responsible for purchasing a replacement.

Other Help Topics

Returning or Purchasing Your Technology Kit

If you are leaving the university before graduation you will need to either return your Digital Flagship technology kit or purchase it at a reduced rate.


If you are taking a leave of absence, you can keep your kit for one semester outside of the university (not counting summers) if you contact to say that you will return next term. If you do not enroll in classes for the next semester, you will be charged for your technology kit unless you return it. If you return your kit instead of purchasing it, you will be able to receive a loaner device when you enroll in classes again.

Technology Kit Pickup

If you are unsure about your eligibility please confirm your status.

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, refer to the latest distribution information or email to find out how you will receive your iPad kit.

Incoming first-year students will receive more information about device distribution during orientation. 

Forgotten Passcode

For a forgotten iPad passcode or issues logging in with your Ohio State name.# and password, contact the IT Service Desk.

Stolen iPad

In the event of theft, immediately file a report with the Department of Public Safety if the theft occurred on campus or with the local police where the loss/theft occurred. Once you have filed your report, contact the IT Service Desk. 

Ohio State IT staff will be able to disable the device remotely, making it unusable until returned and reset. If your device is stolen you may be issued a 'loaner' device for use while enrolled as a student at Ohio State. You will need to submit a ticket with the request type Report Stolen iPad and attach your police report to get a loaner. This loaner must be returned to the university at the conclusion of your studies at Ohio State.

A full explanation of theft policy is available in our Student Technology Agreement

Department of Public Safety 

  • Columbus: 614-292-2121
  • Newark: 740-755-7193
  • Mansfield: 419-755-4346
  • Marion: 740-725-6300
  • Lima: 419-995-8410
  • Wooster/ATI: 614-292-2121 

IT Service Desk 

  • 614-688-4357
Technology Kit Loans

If you are in need of technology for your classes, check the Keep Learning website for all the options Ohio State has to assist you. 

You can receive a loaner device if your iPad has been stolen. After you obtain a police report and contact the IT Service Desk, submit a ticket with the request type Report Stolen iPad and attach the report. You can read more about what it means to accept a loaner device in the student tech agreement.

Educators and graduate students can access technology through their departments. 


For a full list of apps provided by Ohio State please visit our app list. Currently, we are unable to provide apps for departmental or personal devices. 

You are also encouraged to use tech tutoring for any questions related to apps provided in Self Service. 

Issues with Ohio State apps can be directed to the IT Service Desk.

Ohio State will support:

  • Canvas
  • Top Hat
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Duo Mobile
  • Ohio State
  • Pharos Print
  • JAMF Self Service Mobile
Apple ID Setup

If you have issues creating or managing your AppleID please see our ID creation and troubleshooting information or contact Apple directly.

1-800-800-2775 Option 3