University Apps

Through the Ohio State and Apple partnership, the university has the opportunity to travel to Apple’s Cupertino Enterprise Design Lab to envision apps that will benefit Ohio State students, faculty and staff.

Annually, Ohio State will select an app idea based on community and administrator requests and gather a team of university stakeholders to begin the development process at the enterprise design lab. 

Ohio State: Discover App

In January 2018,  a group of students, staff and developers from Ohio State visited Apple’s Enterprise Design Lab to develop the framework for an app that would help incoming students transition to college. The Ohio State: Discover app, is now available in the app store and is downloaded automatically on to all iPads deployed through Digital Flagship. 

The app provides tips and tricks for iPad as well as timely reminders and information about the start of classes. Content updates frequently and is tailored based on academic rank and campus to provide timely, actionable information.

In addition to this curated feed of university information, the app provides class schedule calendars, account updates and updated grades. A course planning feature in the app helps students sketch out a plan of those classes that they might take each semester. Student organization event and meeting lists are available in the app to help students plan to be involved both inside and outside the classroom. 

The iPad app is currently available in the app store, and Discover app functionality will soon be available on the Ohio State mobile app for smartphones. 

male hands holding iPhone showing university app

Coming Soon

This year, based on the university’s commitment to the mental health and well-being of our community, a team of Ohio State students, researchers, administrators and developers visited Cupertino to conceptualize an app to support student mental health.

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