Code and App Development

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A basic understanding of code and computational thinking is a powerful skill that spans across disciplines and career tracks.  It gives any student or professional the power to solve problems in their respective fields and provides the building blocks to develop more specialized app-economy skills.  

Digital Flagship is committed to providing opportunities for all at Ohio State to engage with and benefit from coding and computational thinking education. We provide a wide variety of opportunities, from hands-on workshops to a self-paced online certification path.

Whether you want to build an app or just increase your familiarity with code, we have the tools and experts to help you get there. 

Swift Coding and App Development Certificate

Build the skills needed to develop an app of your own and work confidently in Apple's Swift programming language- all on your schedule without increasing cost or time to degree. 

The self-paced online curriculum is divided into four competency-based courses designed to lead you to a continuing education certificate (non-credit) from Ohio State in the basics of Swift coding and app development processes.

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Interested in learning more about coding? Want to improve your world, your career prospects and your community through thoughtful digital design?

We offer workshops for students, faculty and staff covering topics from basic coding to building a programming environment with Xcode and teaching and learning with iPad in mind. 

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