Mobile Design Lab

Coding and digital skills are on the move across Ohio.

The Mobile Design Lab is a unique space that makes it possible for all Ohio State students and faculty to build comprehensive digital skills through coding education, app development experts, community projects and state of the art technology available in the lab.
In addition to serving all Ohio State campuses, the Mobile Design Lab will provide outreach to K-12 schools, the larger Ohio community and extended campus partners.


Mobile Design Lab events are designed to meet participants where they are, just like the lab itself.

Activities are designed to help beginners get comfortable with coding and get creative with digital design, while encouraging more experienced users to get outside of their comfort zone and to build connections. Mobile Design Lab event details can be found on our calendar linked below, just look for the purple blocks. 

In addition to themed events, the lab will also offer 'open sessions' throughout the semester. These are informal opportunities for anyone with an interest in getting support or just learning about the space to stop by and engage with the lab.

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Student steps up into the open bus doorway


Exploring a new topic for the first time?

Experience sessions provide a variety of opportunities designed to get you trying new things, meeting new people and learning.

You can:

  • Discover the process of building an app
  • Explore trends in coding and tech in the job market
  • Learn how to use the lab on your campus
  • Check out apps made by other students and learn about their journey
  • Get familiar with the basics of code and interact with robots
Large group of students discussing inside the lab


Excited to dive deeper into a project?

Create sessions are designed for those who plan to use the lab on an ongoing basis. You can develop coding skills, consult with experts,  engage in design thinking, take part in a project and focus on problem solving.

You can: 

  • Consult with experts around your app idea
  • Discuss coding and digital trends with others interested in the field 
  • Learn how to tell your story using digital creativity tools like Adobe Spark
  • Begin creating apps of your own
  • And much more 
student standing next to bus writes on iPad


Ready to do take the reins?

Lead sessions empower you to take charge of your own projects and use the lab to advance your personal or small-group work alongside experts, educators or community organizations.

You can:

  • Connect to other students and groups interested in advancing an app idea
  • Engage with existing app projects and partnerships to build your skillset
  • Participate in one-of-a-kind opportunities