Swift Coding and App Development Certificate Program

Coding an app on a laptop using Swift

Learn to code and develop apps at home on your schedule. No experience required.

Join the community of more than 3,000 Buckeyes from all walks of life who’ve started their coding journey with us, completing self-paced courses on their schedule and building skills that have never been more valuable.   

No matter where you want to go with coding and app development, we've created this program to help you get there. 

More About the Courses

Student using a laptop on a couch at homeDigital Flagship Swift Coding and App Development courses give you the foundational knowledge to build a great app and code effectively. The self-paced online courses cover a wide variety of skills, giving you a well-rounded picture of what it means to code and design apps, no experience required. Once you've completed the program, you can  go on to complete Apple's App Development with Swift Certified User exam as a compliment to your Ohio State credential.

You will need a Mac computer to complete required coursework in Xcode (the software used to build apps in Swift). If you're affiliated with Ohio State you can enroll in Coding at a Glance, the optional preview to the full certificate, on any device. In just a few hours it will prepare you for the material covered in Course 1.

Level 1

From the basics of Swift and Xcode to the coding communities that surround you, this Level 1 course will provide you the foundational knowledge to start building and creating apps. Debugging, problem-solving, basic interface design and connections to external fields will also be covered.

This course will prepare you to take Apple's App Development with Swift Certified User exam (an optional next step).

Estimated hours to complete: 180

Level 2

In Swift Coding and App Development Level 2 you’ll build on your knowledge of Swift from Level 1 and focus more heavily on app development.

You will build a basic app, learn more about developer tools like GitHub and get familiar with the Apple app submission process. Basic deisgn thinking and user interface design concepts are also introduced.

Estimated hours to complete: 180

Level 3

In Swift Coding and App Development Level 3 you’ll build on your knowledge of Swift and app development from Level 1 and 2 and focus more heavily on security, privacy, accessibility, automated testing and advanced user interface design.

Estimated hours to complete: 90

Level 4

In Swift Coding and App Development Level 4 you’ll develop a business proposal for an app, identify implications of intellectual property, and finally apply all you've learned in all four courses in a capstone project.

Estimated hours: 90



Zach Wilcox

"I’ve learned how to manage my time, and become a better problem solver. While coding, there will be countless times when you are stuck. The key is to stay dedicated because there is always an answer or resource to help get you over that block."

— Zach Wilcox, Economics 

Elliot Bendoly

"Being able to craft one-of-a-kind apps that extend classroom engagement, in a way nothing on the market can, is indispensable.  With student experience and industry constantly evolving, sometimes you need to be both the innovator and the developer.  I’m can wear both hats now because of what I've learned in the certificate."

— Elliot Bendoly, Fisher College of Business Distinguished Professor of Management Sciences


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