Setting Up Your iPad

When you turn on your iPad Air 4 for the first time, follow these steps to make sure it’s set up correctly. Note: These instructions are for iPads distributed to new first year students starting in the summer of 2021. (Do you have an iPad Air that looks different than the one in these pictures? See the iPad Air 3 set up instructions.)

iPad Setup

  1. Unbox your iPad, Smart Keyboard and case. Snap on your case and Smart Keyboard (more specific instructions are included below). 
  2. Press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo. Iyou’re holding the iPad in portrait mode, the top button will be on the top right when the screen is facing you. 
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your device. If you are on campus, choose osuwireless as your WiFi network. Public wireless networks (coffee shops, hotels, cable provider hot spots, restaurants) will block you from completing setup. If you are off campus, use your home network.
    • Make sure to select 'Set Up Manually' on the Quick Start screen.
    • Tip: Accept the Express Settings for a quicker set-up experience. You can change these settings individually at any time after setup is complete.
  4. Once you've reached the Home screen, the initial setup is complete. Check below for steps to set up accessories and apps. Want more guidance on these steps? Try tech tutoring with a Student Mentor for quick access chat or a virtual meeting for step-by-step assistance. 


Accessories Setup

Follow these instructions so that your iPad accessories are connected, working and useful to you.

Attach the Case and Smart Keyboard 

  1. Align the camera lens on the iPad with the square camera hole on the case.
  2. Press the top-left corner of the iPad into the case and continue clockwise to press each corner of the iPad into the case. 
  3. Place the iPad screen-side down and open the door to the case as if you’re opening the cover of a book. Unfold the Smart Keyboard so that you see the keys. 
  4. Hold the unfolded keyboard face down and align the iPad’s camera and keyboard’s camera hole.
  5. Lightly press the keyboard into the case.
  6. Close the door on the back of the case until you hear a click. 

Stand up the iPad and Attach Pencil 

  1. Unfold the keyboard so that you see the keys.
  2. Lift the iPad toward the keys. The rest of the Smart Keyboard will fold into a triangle. 
  3. Place the iPad on one of the magnetic ridges above the first row of keys. It will easily snap into place. 
  4. Attach Pencil to top slot with the tip of the pencil pointing left. If the Apple Pencil has trouble connecting or charging, press the Pencil down firmly in the case slot until you see a notification that it is charging. If you encounter this issue, report it through this survey.

​Now you're ready to set up apps and other features!