Collaborate Digitally

Working in a group

You’ll be assigned group projects during your time as a student at Ohio State. Knowing how to collaborate digitally is a necessity for your success as a student and as a future employee in the workplace. 



CarmenZoom is the audio and web conferencing solution for Ohio State and your account is free as an Ohio State student. Use Zoom to connect with classmates when you can’t meet face-to-face and use some of these helpful features: 




OneDrive is Ohio State’s official cloud storage service that’s free for you as a student at Ohio State. Not only is it a storage solution, it’s an effective collaboration tool since you can share your documents with classmatesYou can organize your class notes or assignments in one place for easy access in the future. Here’s some features in OneDrive that we love: 

  • Invite others to view and edit a file at the same time 
  • Share research materials or notes in a single location for a whole group to view 
  • Use up to 1 terabyte of storage


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool to communicate with classmates, professors and others. You can use Teams to build community within a student organization or stay in touch with a study group. Use these features on your iPad, phone or a laptop so that you don’t miss a message: 

  • Switch from one-on-one text chat to a video call in one click 
  • Receive notifications when someone reacts to your message or when a professor makes an announcement 
  • Keep your conversations with school, extracurricular activities and friends organized into separate groups that are easy to navigate 


Sharing Notes

It can be useful to share notes when working on group projects or studying for examsSharing notes across platforms can also help secure your data by making it available in multiple locations in case your device malfunctions.  

  • If you use Microsoft Word for your notes, you can post them as a shared document on OneDrive using a shared link  
  • You can share your notes or other online documents across many different apps and storage platforms offered to you as a student. Watch our tutorial about sharing your notes for a visual walk-through example on how move a note from one app to another  
  • You can also change the format of your documents; this is especially helpful when submitting assignments to Carmen or to professors directly  


Resources to remember: