Collaborate Digitally

Working in a group

You’ll be assigned group projects during your time as a student at Ohio State. Knowing how to collaborate digitally is a necessity for your success as a student and as a future employee in the workplace.



CarmenZoom is the audio and web conferencing solution for Ohio State and your account is free as an Ohio State student. Use Zoom to connect with classmates when you can’t meet face-to-face and use some of these helpful features:



BuckeyeBox is a Cloud Storage Service that’s free for you as a student at Ohio State. Not only is it a storage solution, it’s an effective collaboration tool. Some of the benefits of BuckeyeBox include:

  • The ability to invite others to view and edit a file at the same time
  • Sharing research materials or notes in a single location for the whole group to view
  • Unlimited storage space


Sharing Notes

When working on group projects or when studying with others for an exam, it can be useful to share notes. If you use Microsoft Word for your notes you can post them as a shared document on BuckeyeBox. If you’re using Notability, you can tap the share icon in the top left corner of your note and share your notes as a Note (editable), PDF (not editable), or RTF file (editable, but will only save typed notes). Watch our tutorial about sharing your notes for a visual walk-through.


Resources to remember: