iPadOS Features

Tips and Tricks to Use on Your iPad

We’ve curated some iOS features that you might find helpful when you're using your iPad during class, while you study and when you aren't using your iPad for school.


Split View and Slide Over

Although we don’t encourage multitasking, sometimes it’s easier to use two apps at once to accomplish a single task. The iPad has two important ways that you can open multiple apps at once: Split View and Slide Over.

Split View allows you to view two different windows on your iPad at the same time (as long as both apps support Split View). You can use it with two different apps or with two windows of the same app.

Split View Step-by-Step:

  1. Open one of the apps that you want to use in Split View
  2. Flick from the bottom edge of the iPad to display the dock
  3. Tap and hold the other app you want to use and drag it to one side of the screen until you see a black space appear. Drop the app icon in the black space
  4. Slide vertical bar between the two apps to adjust the size of the windows
  5. Drag the horizontal bar at the top of one of the apps to change the order of the windows
  6. To exit Split View, slide the vertical bar over to the right. This will close the right window and make the left window full screen

Slide Over displays two apps at once by floating one app on top of another app. You can swipe from the right side of the screen to quickly view your Slide Over apps.

Slide Over Step-by-Step

  1. Open an app
  2. Flick from the bottom edge of the iPad to display the dock
  3. Tap and hold an app you want to use in Slide Over and drag it over the app you’ve opened and let go quickly. Now your app is floating
  4. Pull down from the top of the Slide Over window to change to Split View

Reader View in Safari

Remove unwanted “extras” on a website with Reader View. When used, Safari will hide advertisements and other website shenanigans that aren’t related to the article that you’re reading.

Just a heads up: not all websites support Reader View. There must be large groups of text on a page for it to work, but most articles and blog posts will be supported.

Reader View Step-by-Step:

  1. Open a website in Safari (an article or blog site is best)
  2. Tap the AA icon on the left side of the URL bar
  3. If it’s available, tap Show Reader View. If it’s not, try another website
  4. Tap the AA icon and choose Hide Reader View when you’re done

Screenshot a Whole Page in Safari

Screenshot the whole page without using Photoshop (really!). A full-page screenshot can be a useful study tool. Insert an article into your notes for reference and annotating in the same place that you keep your class notes for easy access and studying.

Screenshot a Whole Page Step-by-Step:

  1. Press the home button and sleep wake button at the same time to take a screenshot
  2. Tap on the thumbnail that appears in the lower left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select Full Page at the top
  4. Tap Done or the Share icon to enjoy your full-page screenshot