What is Digital Flagship?

At Ohio State, your success is our priority. Whether you're looking to be a scientist or a studio artist, we know that technology will play an increasingly important role in your future career, and Digital Flagship will help you develop the skills to be ready. 

From learning to code to learning when to turn off your device, Digital Flagship gives you the tools to make the most of the technology in your life. 

Student Technology

As an incoming first-year student at Ohio State, you'll receive a technology kit which includes an iPad, accessories and apps to support your learning and life in college. You'll be able to personalize your device and download apps to make it yours. We'll be there along the way to help you learn new skills and get the most out of your technology.

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iPad Air

10.5 inch Space Gray, 256GB, Wi-Fi

Protective Case

You will be provided a high-quality case to provide protection for your device and hold your Apple Pencil. STM Dux Shell pictured.

Smart Keyboard

The keyboard makes it easy to take notes, write papers and respond to email on your device. Even better, it doesn't need to be charged.

Apple Pencil

The pencil can be used to navigate and make selections on your iPad, hand-write notes, draw, design and more.


We will provide you with a protection plan to make sure you're covered in the event that your iPad stops working while you're here at Ohio State. 

Notable Notes: Hanna Kim

Hanna Kim has always loved to draw, but never thought it would help her as she studied speech and hearing science. With her new iPad and apps provided by Ohio State, she's been able to harness her creativity to help her retain information and stay more organized in her classes. 

Headshot of Hanna Kim

"I love that I have the freedom to be creative in my studies.

I like to color code my notes and draw diagrams. It's great not having to bring any extra pens or papers to class with me, and it's easy to stay organized since I always know I have everything with me.

I love drawing and it's great to have something with me at all times that provides so many opportunities to be creative and make something new."

— Hanna Kim, Speech and Hearing Science

Learn About Notability 

Swift Coding and App Development Certificate

New to coding? App development novice? No Problem.Student and instructor work together on laptop

No matter what you choose to study during your time at Ohio State, the Digital Flagship Swift Coding and App Development certificate makes it possible for you to learn to code and build apps for free, on your schedule. The online certificate covers a wide variety of skills, giving you a well-rounded picture of what it means to code and design apps.

Additionally, in-person workshops and consultations in the Mobile Design Lab, as well as the Swift Playgrounds app available on your iPad, will make it easy to get started with code.

Learn more about the certificate 

App Creator to Apple Intern: Daniel Matar

iPad held in front of Orton Hall dinosaur display shows AR app with 3-D dinosaur rendering

Where can app development take you? An Augmented Reality app created by computer science major and passionate swift enthusiast Daniel Matar took him from a subject that existed 195 million years ago to a tech company across the country innovating right now.

In 2018 the Orton Hall lobby got two new additions: a 24-foot-long Cryolophosaurus skeleton that existed more than 195 million years ago and a new augmented reality app to help visitors learn more about the dinosaur.
The app that Daniel made involved collaboration with researchers and creatives from across campus. His work on the project ultimately helped him to land a spot at Apple this past summer as an intern.

"Programming is the most versatile technical skill you can have. Find a platform you love, whether it’s iPhone, Android, Raspberry Pi, whatever. Then just try making a small project on it and continue building up from there. It’s all about getting better, one project at a time."

— Daniel Matar, Computer Science

Learn About the Orton Hall AR Experience

Mobile Design Lab

Coding and digital skills are on the move around campus and across the state. 

Mobile Design Lab is parked on campus. Door to the bus is ajar and students walk pastThe Mobile Design is a unique space that visits all Ohio State campuses offering free programming around coding, app development and digital skills. 

You can get hands-on with robots, explore the steps to take an app idea from concept to market and learn how to tell your story in a new way with digital creativity tools - all from the Mobile Design Lab. 

Events around campus are completely free and generally don't require registration. 

Learn more about the Mobile Design Lab


University Apps

Our partnership with Apple also means new apps built for Ohio State. We are the first higher education institution in the United States to partner with developers and designers at the Apple Enterprise Design Lab to develop the framework for new apps.

Our first trip to Cupertino in 2018 kicked off the creation of Ohio State: Discover. This app is pre-loaded on all Digital Flagship iPads and will help you navigate orientation, get involved and plan your time at Ohio State.

Learn more about the app creation process from the students who helped guide our development.