Ohio State: Wellness App

The Ohio State: Wellness app is a new tool to support student mental health and well-being on campus. Find resources, set goals, build healthy habits and connect to support. Whether you’re looking to find resources for yourself or someone you care about, the Wellness app is a great place to start. Let’s take a quick look at each tab in the app.


The Explore tab contains information connecting you to campuses resources, practical tips and healthy ideas that relate to all 9 dimensions of wellness.  

Screenshot of articles about wellness in the Explore tab of the Wellness app.


Find campus and local resources related to mental, emotional and physical health in this tab. The content displayed here is specific to the campus that you attend.

Screenshot of the Support tab showing categories for main areas of concern.

My Wellness

Set wellness goals for yourself and keep track of them in the app.

Screenshot of the welcome page about setting goals in the My Wellness tab.


Access contact information for crisis hotlines if you or someone you know needs immediate attention. Remember, if someone you or someone you know is in immediate danger to themselves or someone else, go to the emergency department or call 911.

Screenshot of the Crisis tab with information on how to get immediate help.

Ohio State mobile integration

Wellness app content can also be found in the Ohio State app. See it in the Wellness tab on iPad or under More > Campus Life > Wellness on your smart phone.

Screenshot of the Wellness tab in the Ohio State mobile app.