Setting Up Your iPad

When you turn on your iPad on for the first time, follow these steps to make sure it’s set up correctly.

iPad Setup

  1. Unbox your iPad, Smart Keyboard and case. Snap on your case and Smart Keyboard (more specific instructions are included below).
  2. Press the power button on the top right-hand corner of your device to start setup.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your device, making sure to select 'Set Up Manually' on the Quick Start screen.
    1. Tip: Accept the Express Settings for a quicker set-up experience. You can change these settings individually at any time after setup is complete.
  4. Once you've reached the Home screen, the initial setup is complete. Check below for steps to set up accessories and apps. Want more guidance on these steps? Try tech tutoring with a Student Mentor for quick access chat or a virtual meeting for step-by-step assistance. 


Accessories Setup

Follow these instructions so that your iPad accessories are connected, working and useful to you.

Attach the Case

  1. Align the camera on the iPad with the camera hole on the case.
  2. Press on each corner of the iPad so that the case covers all edges.

A gif showing a person aligning the iPad case with their iPad and attaching it by pressing down on the corners.

Attach the Smart Keyboard

  1. Locate the Smart Connector, which is three magnetic dots on the side of the iPad.
  2. Locate the three small dots on the Smart Keyboard. Move the Smart Keyboard toward the Smart Connector so that the dots connect. The soft side of the keyboard must be facing you.

A gif showing a person aligning the Smart Keyboard with the side of the iPad and letting it attach magnetically.The Smart Keyboard connects to the iPad magnetically, which means you’ll never have to charge it or connect it via Bluetooth.

Stand Up the iPad in Type Position

  1. Unfold the keyboard so that you see the keys.
  2. Lift the iPad toward the keys. The rest of the Smart Keyboard will fold into a triangle.
  3. Place the iPad on the ridge above the first row of keys.

A gif of a person unfolding the Smart Keyboard and moving the iPad toward the keys until the rest of the keyboard folds into a stand.

Pair the Apple Pencil

  1. Once you get to the Home screen, you can pair the pencil. Remove the cap at the top of the pencil (if this was an actual pencil, it’d be the eraser end!)
  2. Plug the pencil into the lightning port, which is near the Home Button (this is also how you charge the Pencil)
  3. Tap Pair when a pop up appears. It may take a few seconds

A gif showing a person removing the Apple Pencil cap and plugging it into the iPad charging port.

Your Apple Pencil is now paired via Bluetooth. Remember to put the cap back on, and don’t forget about the extra pencil tip and charging converter in the pencil box!

Pro-tip: place the pencil in the case’s pencil holder for safe keeping.

A gif of a person placing the cap back on the Apple Pencil and placing it in the pencil holder on the top side of the iPad case.

Apps Setup

  • Confirm your Apple ID.
    • You must have your own personal Apple ID, not shared with anyone else. If you have an Apple ID, go to the App store, answer the prompts and search for a free app not already on your iPad. Touch 'Get' and enter your Apple ID information. If you do not have your own Apple ID already, you will need to create one.
  • Open the Self Service App.
    • Apps provided by the university can be downloaded here.
  • Open the Discover app.
    • You can find more information about how to use your iPad in the ‘For You’ tab.
  • Open the Digital Flagship Handbook link on your home screen.
    • Continue reading through the Handbook's helpful tips about your new device and using technology at Ohio State.
  • Set up Duo.
  • Open the Wellness App.
    • Check out an article in the ‘Explore’ tab or read about resources in the ‘Support’ tab.
  • You're ready to go! Follow us @TechOhioState on Twitter and Instagram for the latest on learning technology at Ohio State and check out #DFTechTip for a collection of quick guides to using your new devices effectively. Try tech tutoring with a Student Mentor for any questions you might have.