iPad Wallpaper Contest Winners

Meet the winners of our annual Digital Flagship iPad Wallpaper contest. Read about their pieces and download your favorites for your iPad or other mobile device. 

Block O Wallpaper

First Place 2019: Anne Knellinger, Visual Communications Design

"I’ve grown up going to Ohio State games and with Buckeye culture, but I know there are lots of students who’ve never been to Ohio State before. I wanted [my design] to be something they would recognize, but also include some smaller details about Ohio State that they maybe haven’t discovered before. I wanted to give them a taste of what their first Ohio State experience might be like.”

Second Place 2019: Tessa Wheeler, Industrial Design

"The Ohio State University is a place of excitement, Buckeye pride, and friendship. Once you've joined the OSU community, you become a part of the largest family out there. This wallpaper takes a bit of that enthusiasm and cheers on new members of the family starting their college journey."

Go Bucks Wallpaper
nadia ayad's drawing of Ohio State doodles

First Place 2018: Nadia Ayad, Industrial Design

A note from the artist:

"This piece is an invitation to explore and be playful. I remember how difficult it was for me to fully be myself and find my place as a freshman, and I wish I had explored all the opportunities on campus sooner. I wanted to create something that makes the experience of turning on a new iPad extra special and personal - an illustration with the feel of a notebook doodle. I created a piece that inspires curiosity while including little details so that anyone can find something to relate to. Enjoy!" 

Download one or both versions of this design:

Second Place 2018: Camille Victor, Strategic Communications

A note from the artist:

"This image is depicting the liveliness of the student body at The Ohio State University. It is a mix of two photographs. One is of the Ohio Stadium main entrance, and the other of the crowd at the 2017 welcome week concert. To me, it just sums up the overall experience of elation from football games as well as the welcome week or spring concert where everyone comes together"

Celebration at Ohio State game
Photo inside the shoe during an Ohio State game

Third Place: Michaela Sobecki, Psychology

A note from the artist:

"I have always had a passion for photography and my photography professor this semester encouraged our class to submit our work for this contest. In this image, I wanted to highlight the spirit of Ohio State fans that fill The Shoe on game day to watch the Buckeyes and TBDBITL."

Fourth Place: Stephanie Homan, Visual Communication Design

A note from the artist:

"In this design, a common journey for an OSU student is depicted. By the end of a student's college career, these buildings have become very familiar. Whether they enrolled in a class in University Hall, spent long nights during exam week in Thompson Library, attended an Ohio State football game in the Shoe, or worked out at the RPAC, many OSU students are able to relate to this design and remember times spent on campus."

An illustration of various buildings on Campus.
RPAC Scarlet Skyway

Fifth Place: Ziwei Jin, Computer Science and Engineering

A note from the artist:

"I'm specifically fond of the colorfulness of the RPAC, and the combination with a cloudy sky. It's a place students visit a lot and it's very iconic."