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Notability is an app provided on iPads issued as part of Digital Flagship technology kits. Because of updates to the Notability app and its pricing models, different versions of the app with different access levels exist on Digital Flagship iPads. The information below can help you understand what version you have. 

Do I get to keep the app after graduating or leaving Ohio State?  

It depends on the version of the app you downloaded. The creators of Notability have made changes to how the app works since we started offering it to students in 2018. If you downloaded Notability from the Self Service App on your iPad on or before August 26, 2021, you can redownload Notability from the App Store if you are using the same Apple ID you first downloaded Notability with.  

If you downloaded Notability from the Self Service App on your iPad after August 26, 2021, you are unable keep the same version of Notability on your iPad after graduating. If you want to continue to use Notability on your iPad, you will need to download Notability from the App Store. You will have a limited version of the app you can use for free or you can purchase Notability’s annual subscription for full use. 

Are all features available on my version of Notability?  

Ginger Labs, the creator of Notability, has been adding new features and updates ever since we started providing it to students in 2018. A lot of these features we use in Notability everyday. Depending on when you downloaded Notability from the Self Service App, some features may require an upgraded subscription 

Starting in November 2021, Notability has changed their pricing model. This means, if you would like to use the full suite of features, you will need to purchase an annual subscription from Ginger Labs.  

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How do I back up or transfer notes? 

We recommend you back up all of your notes multiple different ways. The first way is Syncing Notes with iCloud. Syncing Notes with iCloud allows you to save your notes as Notability files and quickly restore them exactly as is when you open Notability on a different device or after restoring your device.   

The second way we recommend you backup your notes is with Auto Backup. This allows you to backup your notes with a cloud storage. You can choose to back them up as Notability files or as other file types such as PDF. Choosing to back them up as PDFs would allow you to access your notes when you are on a device that doesn’t have Notability on it. If you choose to back them up as PDFs, you would lose the features such as audio syncing, handwriting recognition and animated GIFs, but you would still have access to the written notes on any device or in a different notetaking app. 

Backing up your notes with Syncing Notes with iCloud and Auto Back with Cloud Storage will provide you with different types of backup that will make you more confident that you won’t lose your notes if something happens to your device. 

If you want to move your notes to a new device or a new Apple ID, Ginger Labs lays out how to do that as well. 

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