Technology Ownership

Your iPad is owned by the university during your undergraduate program, but that doesn't mean that you can't personalize it and use it for both school and life. You're encouraged to download your favorite apps, sync up to your other devices, and host that dorm-room movie marathon.

Below are some practices that will make the experience with your iPad that much better:

Read the Handbook

Whether you have your iPad or not you can start to explore the Digital Flagship Handbook and learn more about how you can use the device, some of the features and functionality. New to Apple products? That's ok! There are plenty of resources to get you up to speed. Parents and existing Ohio State students are encouraged to read the handbook. Read the handbook.

Download Sponsored Apps

Use the Self Service app on the iPad and download sponsored apps like Explain Everything, Notability, Swift Playgrounds, Microsoft Office and many others. All apps available on the self-service portal are supported by Ohio State. This means if you have a problem you can call day or night for support. Check back frequently to see what new apps are available. See the app list.

Try New Things

Whether you are new to iPad or have been using one for years, there are plenty of new tools on iPad that might just change the way you study, organize your life, and create documents, photos, videos, websites and more. For example, the Apple Pencil allows you to take handwritten notes on your device (try it on Notability or OneNote), which can help you retain information. Give it a try and see what you think! Check out our tutorials.

Get Involved

Whether you want to learn how to use your iPad more effectively, how to study smarter or how to get your app idea off the ground, we offer a variety of events throughout the semester to help support you. ​Attend an event.

Handle With Care

Even though you have AppleCare+ for your device (which allows for your iPad to be easily fixed or replaced) treat your iPad as you would any university property in the spirit of Buckeye Pride. That said, things happen. If you have issues with your iPad contact us before visiting an Apple store. If your device is lost or stolen contact us. At your request, we can track your device's location and make it unusable until returned to you. Learn about support.

Follow the Rules and Be Secure

As with any use of university property, there are rules to help you use the device responsibly and to reduce security risk. Explore the Policy iBook and review those rules and procedures. All parts of the Student Code of Conduct apply on your iPad as they would anywhere on campus. Download the Policy iBook.

Student Program Ownership

We want you to be involved as new programs and opportunities pop up. Whether it's through the Swift Coding Curriculum, use of the Design Lab, or by joining us as a mentor to help students with technology, we hope you'll take ownership of the available experiences and find ways to make them work for you.