Swift Coding and App Development Certificate

First-time coder? App development novice? No Problem.

Digital Flagship Swift Coding and App Development courses give you the foundational knowledge to build a great app and code effectively. Each course covers a wide variety of skills, giving you a well-rounded picture of what it means to code and design apps.

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The Courses

The self-paced online curriculum is divided into four competency-based courses designed to lead you to a continuing education certificate (non-credit) from Ohio State in the basics of Swift coding and app development processes. Courses are offered at no charge for all Ohio State students, faculty and staff.

Once you've completed the certification, you can take your new skills and go on to complete Apple's Swift certification as a compliment to your Ohio State credential.

No coding or app development experience is required. The sequence is designed to build on the skills developed previous courses. All courses must be completed in order. Use of a Mac computer is required to complete course material.

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View of the main screen in Carmen for unit 1. Video preview shown as well as Coding and the Job Market heading.

Course 1: Start to Code with Swift

From the basics of Swift and Xcode to the coding communities that surround you, course 1 will provide you the foundational knowledge to start building and creating apps. Debugging, problem-solving, basic interface design and connections to external fields will also be covered.

Hours to complete: 90

Learn to:

  • Apply Swift coding basics and logic.
  • Use Xcode and Swift basics to develop a basic app.
  • Identify the importance of coding in the current job market.

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Course 2: Build Your First App

Build upon that basic Swift coding knowledge you developed in course 1 and focus more heavily on app development. You will build a basic app, learn more about GitHub and get familiar with the Apple app submission process. 

Hours to complete: 90

Learn to:

  • Apply design thinking and user-experience design to your app idea.
  • Engage in feedback and testing to improve app design and functionality.
  • Build your own basic app.

Course 2 is available for all particpants who have completed course 1.

Course 3: Advance Your Swift Coding Skills

Dive deep with Swift coding language and computer science fundamentals. You'll learn how to build more complicated applications and integrate concepts like accessibility and security into your app design process. 

Hours to complete: 90

Learn to:

  • Use custom user-interface design strategies.
  • Identify key factors impacting privacy and security.
  • Identify protocols for app accessibility.
  • Explore the role of databases and file systems in app development and delivery.

Course registration coming in late fall 2019. 

Course 4: Bring Your App to Life

The fourth and final course will include a large “capstone” project. Besides the capstone project itself, you will learn more about the business side of app development, working in groups as a developer and professional environment expectations.

Hours to Complete: 90

Learn to:

  • Develop a business proposal for your app idea.
  • Identify what intellectual property means to you and your users.
  • Apply app development best practices to your app project.

Course registration coming in late fall 2019.