Swift Coding and App Development Certificate

Swift Coding and App Development Certificate

Learn to code and build apps for free, on your schedule.

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You're busy. We respect that.

Self-paced curriculum lets you set the terms and make the course work for you.

Speed through during time off from class or take your time over the course of the semester. It's up to you. 

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Make an impact on your community. Become a more attractive job candidate. Solve problems within your chosen field. 

No matter what you want to do with coding and app development, we've created this certificate to help you get there. 

Each course will help you understand how to apply your new skills to reach your goals and connect what you learn to your passions. 

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Coding novice? No problem.

The certificate is designed for learners with no coding expereince and will take you from square one to building your own app quicker than you'd think.

Need help along the way? We've got your back. With in-person and digital options, asking a quick question or getting more in-depth help is easy.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Zach Wilcox

"I’ve learned how to manage my time, and become a better problem solver. While coding, there will be countless times when you are stuck. The key is to stay dedicated because there is always an answer or resource to help get you over that block."

— Zach Wilcox, Economics 

Your Questions, Answered.

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I have no coding experience, is this certificate really for me?

The certificate is designed to make it easy for people from all backgrounds to get started coding and developing apps. No experience required.

The self-paced courses allow you to move through lessons on your schedule, speeding through what comes easily and spending more time in areas that you want to develop.

The courses build on each other, with the first course providing a strong foundation for the more advanced work to come. Small assignments and check-ins throughout the first course will ensure that you've mastered the foundational concepts and are ready for the next step.

All along the way, we'll be here to help. 

What type of certificate will I earn?

The self-paced online curriculum is divided into four competency-based courses designed to lead you to a continuing education certificate (non-credit) from Ohio State in the basics of Swift coding and app development processes. You can put this certificate on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Once you've completed the certification, you can take your new skills and go on to complete Apple's Swift certification as a compliment to your Ohio State credential.

How long does it usually take to complete each course?

That's up to you! In general, each course is equivalent to a two credit-hour course at Ohio State.

Depending on your familiarity with code and the speed at which you learn, you may complete each course much more quickly. 

Do I need any supplies?

A Mac computer is required so that you can complete assignments in Xcode (the software used to build apps in Swift).

Don't have a Mac? There are several Mac computers on all Ohio State campuses available for use. 

The optional Coding at a Glance certificate preview is available on all devices. 

Where can I find a Mac with Xcode installed on campus?

You can find Mac computers with Xcode installed on all Ohio State campuses.

Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of Macs at each location. 

Marion: Morrill Hall 281 (4)

Lima: Galvin Hall 340 Lab (5)

Newark: Reese Center Cyber Café (4)

Wooster: ATI Library (3)

Mansfield: Conard Hall Writing Lab (5)

In Columbus Macs are available in: 

  • Design Lab at COhatch Gateway during open lab hours (Tuesdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Stillman Hall Digital Union, room 145 (19) and 130 (9) hallway (row of computers in hallway outside 145).
  • Hagerty Digital Union, room 171. (16)
  • Enarson Classrooms Building Digital Union, 0005 (9) hallway (just outside of 0012 Digital Union).