Tech Tutoring With Student Mentors

Got a question about tech at Ohio State? Ask us!

There are a lot of tech tools that support your learning at Ohio State, like CarmenCanvas, Microsoft Office 365 and Digital Flagship technology kits. You might be new to using these, or your classes might require you to use features you're not familiar with. That's when tech tutoring can help.

Student Mentors are fellow students who have worked with Ohio State staff to become pros at using learning tools from around the university. They know all the tips and tricks for Digital Flagship iPads and can even help you decide what program is best for making a video project. They can help you get more out of anything tech related at Ohio State.

To get connected with a Student Mentor for tech tutoring, review the chat instructions below.

Schedule Tech Tutoring

There are two ways to receive tech tutoring: chat and video. Both happen through Microsoft Teams, so you'll need to download and log into Teams before your appointmentSee the Teams sign-in instructions for step-by-step help if this is your first time using it.

You can pick to chat or set up a video call based on the type of question you have. Chat is great is you are looking for resources, and video is helpful if you'd like to see demonstrations or walk through a process with a Student Mentor.

You can help help with:

  • Building a Presentation
  • Building a Webpage or Blog
  • Collaborating on Projects
  • Getting Started with iPad
  • Managing Notifications
  • Producing a Podcast
  • Producing a Video
  • Storing and Sharing Files
  • Taking Notes and Staying Organized
  • Using a Specific Tool
  • Using CarmenCanvas
  • Using university-supported apps across any of the above categories

To set up a tech tutoring session, log into OnCourse and click 'Schedule Appointment.'​

  1. For type of appointment, select 'Academic Discovery and Success'
  2. For type of assistance, select 'Tech Tutoring.'
  3. Select a service for the appointment and click 'Next' to choose the session location (online chat or video) and time.

Schedule an Appointment

A graphic of a Student Mentor on the screen of an iPad.
A graphic of an iPad with an illustration representing a Teams chat by blue and white chat boxes.